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If ever there was a double act that knew how to bounce off each other it’s Colum and Ben Sands.

You’d swear they were reared together.

Which of course they were, seeing as how they are brothers.

They didn’t sing Lanigans Ball, but one knew precisely when to step in as the other stepped out, and it was intuitive in the extreme.

Like all class acts they made everything LOOK unrehearsed, proving the old saying that the harder you practice the luckier you get.

They had the audience in their hands from the off, indeed if they had hands the size of Pat Jennings they couldn’t have looked more comfortable with their viewers location.

Yarn blended into yarn, song followed song, and with each came a refreshingly new tale.

And anyone who was there will never ask a neighbour for a lend of a spade in quite the same way again.

The nights entertainment was kicked off by local legends Carolan.

Everything from Pink Floyd to the Wolfe Tones was blasted out as the lads undertook the always difficult job of playing to a local audience.

Their task was made even more awkward by virtue of the fact that they were performing to a crowd who were there for a night of folk music, and not the acoustic rock of Carolan.

It took perhaps two minutes for the amazed audience to be won over.

It was one of those nights that if you weren’t there you missed out.

A Carolan concentrates

A Carolan concentrates


Happy as Sands boys

Happy as Sands boys


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